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Insanity 60-Day Challenge- When Makeup Can’t Cover it All

Insanity Fitness Program

Insanity “The hardest fitness program ever put on DVD”.

I have never been skinny nor over-weight, just average. Though, never satisfied with my body image. Fitness has never been my ‘thing’, though, eating healthy is important to me. Makeup is one of the things that redirects my focus from body image issues to something I feel I can better control and feel like I have the upper hand on. When my skin is flawless, lashes are full and long, liner is perfectly winged and lips are glossed I feel gorgeous and down right sexy. When I don’t get the same feeling wearing clothes, there’s an issue. I have tried everything from starving myself to slimming pills and safer ways for health and fitness management, but nothing ever sticks or works for more than a few weeks.

So why Insanity (an almost torturous method to getting fit)?

Insanity 60 Day Fitness Program
Got my Insanity in the mail.

The past couple of months have been quite a handful, and with everything that has come my way not once have I felt in control. This is one thing I can control how fast, how hard and how much. It is also a challenge I am posing upon myself. A challenge to push my determination and my will. Not only for the sake of a better looking body, but for the mental hunger I have to know that I can achieve something this intense.

Insanity is a 60-day challenge of high intensity interval training.

Insanity Fitness Program 60 Day Calendar

So far, it’s kicking my ass physically and mentally. I have never experienced anything like this. Shaun T. (trainer) makes me feel like he’s in the room with me when he says “keep pushing”, “don’t give up, you can do this”. Sometimes it’s scary because right when I’m about to stop he says “I know it’s hard but just keep pushing”. That’s when I think of all my frustrations and power jump, squat or knee kick through them.

This is definitely more than just to get a fit body, it’s about having the “I can do anything” mentality and feeling great about myself with or without makeup.

I’ll try to update my weekly progress as I move along. I’d love to hear your story with Insanity.