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Travel Tips: How to Pack Makeup for Travel

I’ve been traveling more for work lately. Each time I pack, my suitcase becomes more and more composed of the perfect essentials I’ll need- from clothes to jewelry, toiletries, and of course, MAKEUP! I travel to the Caribbean, specifically Riviera Maya, Mexico. The weather there is much like Miami, hot and humid. However, my makeup routine changes slightly when I’m in Mexico. You see, I work for resorts, which means I’m outdoors for the bulk of my stay. Nice, right? Oh yes. I love it! Waking up with a gorgeous view and fresh breeze of the Caribbean… morning run along the beach… beachfront dining… I digress. This type of weather calls for lightweight makeup and breathable clothing.

Here is a quick overview of what makeup, toiletries and jewelry I pack for travel. In a later post I’ll list all the products and show them in detail, plus show you how I pack them to make the most space in my luggage for other things. Did I mention I don’t like to check in my luggage at the airport? So, making space for everything in my suitcase is critical.



Inside My Makeup Heart

If the world was ending but there was a slight chance at survival and you could only take 10 makeup products with you, what would they be?

These are my go-to products over and over again; the base to any look I create…my safe blanket.

What are your “can’t live without it” products?