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Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex

A few months ago I went looking for a new foundation at CVS and Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex caught my eye. I noticed that this foundation was formulated for skin types- combination / oily skin and Normal / Dry Skin. I was looking forward to this because usually mid-day I have to pull out an oil blotting sheet, and when I am out at events I don’t want to worry about the sheen on my face.

By mistake I purchased Normal / Dry skin, though I didn’t notice after a few times I had used it. Even though I purchased the wrong skin type and a few shades too lite (no big deal, using a darker powder and bronzer made my skin look even) I really liked this product. I had minimal shine and it lasted for hours. I went back a few days ago determined to get my correct color and skin type. I thought I was a medium beige (240) but I am actually Natural Tan (330), I know, it seems like a big difference but I noticed that the shade names aren’t completely true to the actual color. I noticed three different colors looked almost the same but the undertones varied.

Now that I have the correct one for my skin type Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex will definitely be a repeat purchase. The light weight formula is perfect for all-day wear, and it has SPF. It doesn’t cake or crease and I love that just a little bit of this product evens out my skin tone. I put on the foundation for the first time at about 7:00am and didn’t get home until about 10:30pm that night. So its claim that it lasts 24 hours- I believe it. I was so pleased to see that I was not excessively oily nor did I have a noticeable sheen. If it was an event night I would have quickly blotted with an oil sheet and dusted a little powder just to freshen the look. Definitely worth the price of almost $15.

The long-wear capability of this foundation is perfect for extra long days and definitely for a night out dancing.

Grab a mirror and hold up the colors you think are your match next to your forehead and neck and take a moment to really look at the shades for the one that fits you best.


Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue UV-Lotion

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue UV-Lotion

I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer without one key ingredient, alcohol. Why? not only does is dry your skin, which I dint’t pay attention to before but, my boyfriend has a close shaved beard. huh? Anytime after a kissing session, hugging or whatever brought his beard in contact with my face I would experience a stinging/burning sensation when putting on my Neutrogena SPF face lotion and whenever I’d get to close it would sting my eyes too. I don’t know how it hit me but I checked the ingredient label and there it was, ALCOHOL.

Before I was budget conscious, I used Origins White Tea Moisturizer ($39.50) and never felt that stinging or burning. so I guess it was a 2+2/aha moment. So I went on the hunt for a decent priced alcohol free moisturizer at CVS…FOUND IT! 🙂

For only $8 and a few cents (maybe even less, check your local stores), this product is oil-free, alcohol-free and has SPF 15 which is exactly what I needed because some I found had no SPF. It’s also perfect for my combination skin and for oily skin too because it’s water based. I didn’t realize my skin was so dehydrated until I used it; my pores drank it all up! My skin feels soft, perfectly balanced and I’ve experienced less oil build-up when I have makeup on. Huge thumbs up!

Some ingredients include:

Apple extract= antioxidant
Vitamin E=antioxidant that forms red blood cells (you need these to carry oxygen to the cells in your body; more cell production means less wrinkles)
Cyclopentasiloxane (I can’t pronounce this)= conditioner for the skin
Let me know what how it goes for you!