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Skinny Fox Detox- Day 1

I learned about Skinny Fox Detox on Instagram- several of the fitness girls I follow have tried this tea and commented on the results in a positive note.

I decided to try the “Mini Fox” 14-day detox for the purpose of cleansing my body, not to lose weight. I have come a long way in my weight-loss journey (about 1 year) to understand it takes time, and lots of sweat, to lose and keep weight off.

After spending three weeks in Europe indulging on gelato, pasta and cevapi- much to my surprise I didn’t gain an ounce- I feel my body needs a flush. Since I’ve returned two weeks ago, I’ve gone back to my clean eating routine, but I think a nice flush of toxins will be a good reboot.

Prepping for the cleanse:
I started to prep for the cleanse about three days early by omitting dairy and any of the little bit of processed foods I ate normally. I felt this was a good way to ease into the cleanse and get used to no cheese and yogurt (pretty much the only dairy I consume).

Day One, here we go:
I had the “Hello Gorgeous” tea around 9a- as per instructed, it was the first thing I consumed. They recommend using a tea ball, but I had some tea bags from Teavana since I love to drink lose-leaf tea.

Here is my food in-take for the day, including how I caved into my sweet tooth:

Breakfast– 2 egg whites with a whole grape tomato, a bit of minced shallot and garlic, slice of whole wheat toast with about 1/2 tablespoon of coconut peanut butter

Snack– Turkish coffee

Lunch– Chickpea salad: 1/2 cup of chickpeas, 1oz of diced black olives, 3 grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup of diced cucumber, 2 hard-boiled egg whites
dressing: red wine vinegar, yellow lemon, diced shallot and a dash of honey for sweetness, dash of salt and pepper

Snack– whole wheat toast with a light spread of Trader Joe’s cookie butter (I caved into my sweet tooth)

Dinner– 1 cup of homemade turkey chili made with low sodium everything

Dessert– brown rice cake with a light spread of Trader Joe’s cookie butter (again I gave in to my sweet tooth and carb craving)

4 liters of water for the day + 45 minute cardio session on the treadmill

I’m happy I kept my diet for today as clean as I did. I’m sure I could have convinced myself to go without the cookie butter, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I am prepped for the week ahead and ready to stick to this 100%.

I took the “Good-Bye Cherry Pie” about an hour ago and have to be honest- I experienced cramping almost immediately after I finished my 12oz serving (a full hour of cramping now and a bit of sweating). I let the tea steep for 15 minutes, though the direction say to leave it for that long if you do not feel movement initially, otherwise 8 should be ok. Also, it states 16oz of water minimum. So I’m going to say that I didn’t follow directions according to the card and the cramping I’m feeling is my own fault.  oops. Let’s see how this goes on Wednesday night since it’s meant to be taken every other night.



Mad Men + the makeup staples of the era in my collection=
a recipe for oh la la

Lovely Rita Blog

Inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama series Mad Men, this beautiful limited edition consists in elegant, vintage designs from the legendary Estée Lauder 60’s collections. The Ad Campaign’s face is Estee Lauder’s girl Constance Jablonski.

This lipstick is a must-have classic makeup item that captures the iconic cherry-red lips of the Mad Men era and it lavishes lips with a cream satin finish and a smooth and rich lipcolor.

This limited edition blush is creamy, light, easy to blend and it gives a dewy, smooth, natural finish, capturing the iconic rosy cheeks of the era.



  1. Creme Rouge in Evening Rose: With 1-2 fingertips, smooth under cheekbones.
  2. Pure Color Blush in Lover Blush: Over Creme Rouge, sweep powder blush from the middle of ear towards tip of nose.
  3. Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset: Apply on the apples of cheeks.


  1. Pure Color EyeShadow in Sepia Sand

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Beyond stunning. She’s a work of art.

the salt of your skin

I want to evolve as an artist. There’s so much music I don’t know about yet. I want to go on the road with my friends who are artists. I want to go and see things as a fan again. I am a fan, but I can’t remember what it feels like to be a fan anymore. Because I’ve become an artist. I’ve become the artist.

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Beauty Blogger Tips from Social Media Week Miami

I love social media! When I heard Social Media Week was going to take over Miami I signed up for just about every panel discussion I could make time for. Of course, the ONE panel I truly planned for was the Fashion & Beauty Bloggers (FABB) Roundtable. Guess what? I never made it 😦 I was stuck in traffic for an hour and thirty minutes, so… I never made it. BUT, technology is so convenient these days and I was able to live stream the whole thing from my iPhone and chicken scratched notes while driving- bad, I know. So let’s put those notes to good use…

  • It takes a lot of cultivating before you make money from your blog and before those calls come in from companies wanting to invite you places and/or send you things.
  • Don’t view other bloggers as competition- help each other and get inspired from each other
  • Got a call to get some great freebies or cash for your review? Don’t devalue your blog by accepting any proposal. Think of your readers and the goal of your blog.
  • Always look your best!
  • Bloggers have the power to sell; we are a valuable tool to companies. Position your blog in a way that is credible.
  • Where do you start? Start slow- don’t give into the hype of
    Twitter + Pinterest + Facebook + Instagram
    Do what you know how to do and do it well before mastering other platforms.
  • Give credit where credit is do, especially when ‘borrowing’ pictures.
  •  Find your voice instead of copying someone else. If you have something to say, say it.

Ladies on the panel were local Miami bloggers with great success. Follow them on Twitter:


No Strings Attached Fashion Show

I was invited to attend the No Strings Attached Fashion Show at Set Nightclub. The show previewed the Spring 2012 swimwear collection from No Strings Attached Swimwear by designer and CEO Stephanie Rotuna. So what’s in for this next season? besides a fit bod, it was all about lace, metallics, and the femininity of sparkle and shine embellishing the trims of just about every piece.

About the swimwear- “Each piece is produced in-house at the No Strings Attached atelier in the sunny and vibrant city of Miami, Florida. The No Strings Attached collection brings an innovative and fashion forward mix to our design aesthetic. Each suit is brazenly embellished with luxurious detail, from exquisite jewelry accents to Swarovski crystal detailing, all playing gracefully on a bed of the finest quality, imported materials.”

Can’t forget shoes either, If you’re looking to really make a statement with your two-piece look to MIA Shoes. The ladies wore sexy pumps and wedges from the MIA Shoes collection down the catwalk. The show was fantastic, leading into the late Miami night with the pumped up sounds of DJ N’Dy.
My wonderland, of course, was the backstage action of hair and makeup. Models, shoes, makeup, camera’s flashing…I loved it!

Photo courtesy of No Strings Attached Swimwear

I met the lovely, and beyond sweet Alejandra Espinoza (season 1 winner of Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina). She taught me a few signature camera poses to keep me looking fabulous in every shot but, oops, I didn’t take any during the mini tutoring session.

Photo courtesy of Pantene North America

All the models had their sexy-sultry hair and makeup done by Pantene Celebrity Stylist Carlos Vera and his team.

Carlos Vera and Alejandra Espinoza. Photo courtesy of Pantene North America
Beautiful use of color for a smokey eye. Photo courtesy of Pantene North America

I was not alone on this beauty blogger adventure…got the chance to meet the ladies behind– La Rubia y La roja. Hola chicas!!

If you’ve never been to Miami and are thinking about visiting, you must read their blog for the how-to on everything from music, language, culture and food.

Also, take a look at Tu Pantene (your Pantene), Pantene’s efforts at latinas embracing their natural tresses.

Here are some more pictures from the night’s event.

>> No Strings Attached Fashion Show

>> Pantene styles No Strings Attached Show

OH! And look at these awesome freebies I snagged 🙂

Had to wear them the next day!

Inside My Makeup Heart

If the world was ending but there was a slight chance at survival and you could only take 10 makeup products with you, what would they be?

These are my go-to products over and over again; the base to any look I create…my safe blanket.

What are your “can’t live without it” products?

What’s Your Skin Eating- Skincare Infographic

Proper skincare is more than ‘very’ important to me, it’s an essential to my daily life. I figure, my face is the first thing most people see so it should always be at its best (with or without makeup).

Instead of a long article on some skin basics, I found these great visuals off of to give you a more colorful overview.

So tell me, how do you go about skincare?

Click on the images if you want to get a closer look.