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Skinny Fox Detox- Day 1

I learned about Skinny Fox Detox on Instagram- several of the fitness girls I follow have tried this tea and commented on the results in a positive note.

I decided to try the “Mini Fox” 14-day detox for the purpose of cleansing my body, not to lose weight. I have come a long way in my weight-loss journey (about 1 year) to understand it takes time, and lots of sweat, to lose and keep weight off.

After spending three weeks in Europe indulging on gelato, pasta and cevapi- much to my surprise I didn’t gain an ounce- I feel my body needs a flush. Since I’ve returned two weeks ago, I’ve gone back to my clean eating routine, but I think a nice flush of toxins will be a good reboot.

Prepping for the cleanse:
I started to prep for the cleanse about three days early by omitting dairy and any of the little bit of processed foods I ate normally. I felt this was a good way to ease into the cleanse and get used to no cheese and yogurt (pretty much the only dairy I consume).

Day One, here we go:
I had the “Hello Gorgeous” tea around 9a- as per instructed, it was the first thing I consumed. They recommend using a tea ball, but I had some tea bags from Teavana since I love to drink lose-leaf tea.

Here is my food in-take for the day, including how I caved into my sweet tooth:

Breakfast– 2 egg whites with a whole grape tomato, a bit of minced shallot and garlic, slice of whole wheat toast with about 1/2 tablespoon of coconut peanut butter

Snack– Turkish coffee

Lunch– Chickpea salad: 1/2 cup of chickpeas, 1oz of diced black olives, 3 grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup of diced cucumber, 2 hard-boiled egg whites
dressing: red wine vinegar, yellow lemon, diced shallot and a dash of honey for sweetness, dash of salt and pepper

Snack– whole wheat toast with a light spread of Trader Joe’s cookie butter (I caved into my sweet tooth)

Dinner– 1 cup of homemade turkey chili made with low sodium everything

Dessert– brown rice cake with a light spread of Trader Joe’s cookie butter (again I gave in to my sweet tooth and carb craving)

4 liters of water for the day + 45 minute cardio session on the treadmill

I’m happy I kept my diet for today as clean as I did. I’m sure I could have convinced myself to go without the cookie butter, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I am prepped for the week ahead and ready to stick to this 100%.

I took the “Good-Bye Cherry Pie” about an hour ago and have to be honest- I experienced cramping almost immediately after I finished my 12oz serving (a full hour of cramping now and a bit of sweating). I let the tea steep for 15 minutes, though the direction say to leave it for that long if you do not feel movement initially, otherwise 8 should be ok. Also, it states 16oz of water minimum. So I’m going to say that I didn’t follow directions according to the card and the cramping I’m feeling is my own fault.  oops. Let’s see how this goes on Wednesday night since it’s meant to be taken every other night.



Travel Tips: How to Pack Makeup for Travel

I’ve been traveling more for work lately. Each time I pack, my suitcase becomes more and more composed of the perfect essentials I’ll need- from clothes to jewelry, toiletries, and of course, MAKEUP! I travel to the Caribbean, specifically Riviera Maya, Mexico. The weather there is much like Miami, hot and humid. However, my makeup routine changes slightly when I’m in Mexico. You see, I work for resorts, which means I’m outdoors for the bulk of my stay. Nice, right? Oh yes. I love it! Waking up with a gorgeous view and fresh breeze of the Caribbean… morning run along the beach… beachfront dining… I digress. This type of weather calls for lightweight makeup and breathable clothing.

Here is a quick overview of what makeup, toiletries and jewelry I pack for travel. In a later post I’ll list all the products and show them in detail, plus show you how I pack them to make the most space in my luggage for other things. Did I mention I don’t like to check in my luggage at the airport? So, making space for everything in my suitcase is critical.


Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex

A few months ago I went looking for a new foundation at CVS and Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex caught my eye. I noticed that this foundation was formulated for skin types- combination / oily skin and Normal / Dry Skin. I was looking forward to this because usually mid-day I have to pull out an oil blotting sheet, and when I am out at events I don’t want to worry about the sheen on my face.

By mistake I purchased Normal / Dry skin, though I didn’t notice after a few times I had used it. Even though I purchased the wrong skin type and a few shades too lite (no big deal, using a darker powder and bronzer made my skin look even) I really liked this product. I had minimal shine and it lasted for hours. I went back a few days ago determined to get my correct color and skin type. I thought I was a medium beige (240) but I am actually Natural Tan (330), I know, it seems like a big difference but I noticed that the shade names aren’t completely true to the actual color. I noticed three different colors looked almost the same but the undertones varied.

Now that I have the correct one for my skin type Revlon Color Stay with Soft Flex will definitely be a repeat purchase. The light weight formula is perfect for all-day wear, and it has SPF. It doesn’t cake or crease and I love that just a little bit of this product evens out my skin tone. I put on the foundation for the first time at about 7:00am and didn’t get home until about 10:30pm that night. So its claim that it lasts 24 hours- I believe it. I was so pleased to see that I was not excessively oily nor did I have a noticeable sheen. If it was an event night I would have quickly blotted with an oil sheet and dusted a little powder just to freshen the look. Definitely worth the price of almost $15.

The long-wear capability of this foundation is perfect for extra long days and definitely for a night out dancing.

Grab a mirror and hold up the colors you think are your match next to your forehead and neck and take a moment to really look at the shades for the one that fits you best.

Insanity 60-Day Challenge- When Makeup Can’t Cover it All

Insanity Fitness Program

Insanity “The hardest fitness program ever put on DVD”.

I have never been skinny nor over-weight, just average. Though, never satisfied with my body image. Fitness has never been my ‘thing’, though, eating healthy is important to me. Makeup is one of the things that redirects my focus from body image issues to something I feel I can better control and feel like I have the upper hand on. When my skin is flawless, lashes are full and long, liner is perfectly winged and lips are glossed I feel gorgeous and down right sexy. When I don’t get the same feeling wearing clothes, there’s an issue. I have tried everything from starving myself to slimming pills and safer ways for health and fitness management, but nothing ever sticks or works for more than a few weeks.

So why Insanity (an almost torturous method to getting fit)?

Insanity 60 Day Fitness Program
Got my Insanity in the mail.

The past couple of months have been quite a handful, and with everything that has come my way not once have I felt in control. This is one thing I can control how fast, how hard and how much. It is also a challenge I am posing upon myself. A challenge to push my determination and my will. Not only for the sake of a better looking body, but for the mental hunger I have to know that I can achieve something this intense.

Insanity is a 60-day challenge of high intensity interval training.

Insanity Fitness Program 60 Day Calendar

So far, it’s kicking my ass physically and mentally. I have never experienced anything like this. Shaun T. (trainer) makes me feel like he’s in the room with me when he says “keep pushing”, “don’t give up, you can do this”. Sometimes it’s scary because right when I’m about to stop he says “I know it’s hard but just keep pushing”. That’s when I think of all my frustrations and power jump, squat or knee kick through them.

This is definitely more than just to get a fit body, it’s about having the “I can do anything” mentality and feeling great about myself with or without makeup.

I’ll try to update my weekly progress as I move along. I’d love to hear your story with Insanity.

Remington Pearl Ceramic Iron

I was in desperate need of a new straightening iron. The one I had was really damaging my hair because, silly me, I leave all of my hair tools in the bathroom, which is a BIG no no. I think the plates may have started to rust. My hair dryer isn’t blowing air as hot and intense as it did before. I have an FHI- an AMAZING hair dryer, and I think I may need to replace it too. I found at Walmart a ‘double ceramic’ 1-inch flat iron by Remington for $34.88. The plates are made with double ceramic and pearls offer a smoother glide with absolutely no snagging (this is perfect for creating curls) + shinier tresses. The ceramic also helps the plates stay smooth without product buildup, like hairspray.

Remington Ceramic Pearl-Infused Professional 1″ Straightener

Two of my favorite things: 1) it heats up in 15 seconds! 2) it has a hinge lock to keep the iron closed- perfect for storing away. Other features:

  • Up to 450 degrees F
  • Floating plates ensures hair flows freely through the plates with less heat damage
  • Digital control
  • Swivel cord
  • Automatic shut off after 1 hour
  • 4 year warranty! Woohoo!

I think this is a great product for the price. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I really like it. Usually other irons leave my hair very flat after ironing, which I understand is probably the point, but this one in particular straightens my hair without leaving it flat. I get a straighter result but with a little body and natural thickness. Take your hair styling tools and makeup out of your bathroom. Think about it, constant steam from your showers makes its way into all of it and can damage everything.

Mad Men + the makeup staples of the era in my collection=
a recipe for oh la la

Lovely Rita Blog

Inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama series Mad Men, this beautiful limited edition consists in elegant, vintage designs from the legendary Estée Lauder 60’s collections. The Ad Campaign’s face is Estee Lauder’s girl Constance Jablonski.

This lipstick is a must-have classic makeup item that captures the iconic cherry-red lips of the Mad Men era and it lavishes lips with a cream satin finish and a smooth and rich lipcolor.

This limited edition blush is creamy, light, easy to blend and it gives a dewy, smooth, natural finish, capturing the iconic rosy cheeks of the era.



  1. Creme Rouge in Evening Rose: With 1-2 fingertips, smooth under cheekbones.
  2. Pure Color Blush in Lover Blush: Over Creme Rouge, sweep powder blush from the middle of ear towards tip of nose.
  3. Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset: Apply on the apples of cheeks.


  1. Pure Color EyeShadow in Sepia Sand

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