About Me

Little girls dream of their wedding day and playing house.
I dreamt of the next opportunity I would have to get into my mom’s
makeup vanity and put on a bold red lipstick and icy blue shadow.

My name is Heidy and I am a Makeupzilla.
Makeupzilla is about obsessions with anything in the beauty industry. You can easily find me at my local CVS, Sephora or ULTA ogling over products, reading labels or looking for the latest product to hit the market. I love to talk about makeup and share my best beauty tips and routines.

**Note: Makeup is fun to experiment with. If it doesn’t work grab a makeup remover wipe and try again. But, try not to experiment when you’re in a hurry or the night of a big event!

Skin type: Combination (oily T-zone, slightly dry everywhere else)
Skin tone: Medium, pink undertones
Hair type: Curly (sometimes dry and frizzy), medium length
Eye color: Brown
I’ve had a scar on my chin that sits right below my lips since I was a little girl but I never worry about covering it. It’s my beauty mark and sometimes a conversation starter 😉 #Confidence

Dedication…Thank you to my great friends for motivating me into sharing a long-time passion of mine, even if they’re the only one’s who read it! 🙂 Jose, Jessilyn, Diana and Marcus, Makeupzilla hearts you!


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