Travel Tips: How to Pack Makeup for Travel

Travel Tips: How to Pack Makeup for Travel

I’ve been traveling more for work lately. Each time I pack, my suitcase becomes more and more composed of the perfect essentials I’ll need- from clothes to jewelry, toiletries, and of course, MAKEUP! I travel to the Caribbean, specifically Riviera Maya, Mexico. The weather there is much like Miami, hot and humid. However, my makeup routine changes slightly when I’m in Mexico. You see, I work for resorts, which means I’m outdoors for the bulk of my stay. Nice, right? Oh yes. I love it! Waking up with a gorgeous view and fresh breeze of the Caribbean… morning run along the beach… beachfront dining… I digress. This type of weather calls for lightweight makeup and breathable clothing.

Here is a quick overview of what makeup, toiletries and jewelry I pack for travel. In a later post I’ll list all the products and show them in detail, plus show you how I pack them to make the most space in my luggage for other things. Did I mention I don’t like to check in my luggage at the airport? So, making space for everything in my suitcase is critical.



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