Beauty Blogger Tips from Social Media Week Miami

I love social media! When I heard Social Media Week was going to take over Miami I signed up for just about every panel discussion I could make time for. Of course, the ONE panel I truly planned for was the Fashion & Beauty Bloggers (FABB) Roundtable. Guess what? I never made it 😦 I was stuck in traffic for an hour and thirty minutes, so… I never made it. BUT, technology is so convenient these days and I was able to live stream the whole thing from my iPhone and chicken scratched notes while driving- bad, I know. So let’s put those notes to good use…

  • It takes a lot of cultivating before you make money from your blog and before those calls come in from companies wanting to invite you places and/or send you things.
  • Don’t view other bloggers as competition- help each other and get inspired from each other
  • Got a call to get some great freebies or cash for your review? Don’t devalue your blog by accepting any proposal. Think of your readers and the goal of your blog.
  • Always look your best!
  • Bloggers have the power to sell; we are a valuable tool to companies. Position your blog in a way that is credible.
  • Where do you start? Start slow- don’t give into the hype of
    Twitter + Pinterest + Facebook + Instagram
    Do what you know how to do and do it well before mastering other platforms.
  • Give credit where credit is do, especially when ‘borrowing’ pictures.
  •  Find your voice instead of copying someone else. If you have something to say, say it.

Ladies on the panel were local Miami bloggers with great success. Follow them on Twitter:



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