Where’s the Beef?…Manicure Nightmare!

I am a “D.I.Y” kind of girl…I straighten and curl my own hair, give myself salon-worthy mani/pedi’s, and have practiced my way into nicely groomed/shaped eyebrows.

The D.I.Y practice saves me a ton of money!

Though, from time to time (like twice a year) I enjoy a little pampering and R&R so I seek out a simple service like a manicure and pedicure.

Seldom have I had an acceptable experience with the actual nail service; my most recent nail service tops them all! I left work looking forward to some ‘me’ time and was in desperate need of some nail lovin’. I thought of a couple familiar salons around my home area and went for one I had been before over a year ago and had an ok service. Why not give them another try? Plus, the place inside is really nice, white marble-like floors, a mini pond caved into the middle of the floor with water trickling in adding a relaxing sound. The look of the place is very clean and modern, white chairs, long clear panels dividing the hair section from the nail section- an appropriate place to get glammed up.

To sum it up…the nail tech barely paid attention to me. She preferred to join into conversations with the other girls in the salon. It’s as if she could perform the services in her sleep because she would aimlessly attack my feet with the electronic foot file, not realizing she had filed too much in some places. Did I mention she was on her phone while using the clippers on my cuticles? I almost died! You’d think that was the worst part, nope! I chose a burgundy red color and apparently she hates using reds (I over heard her ‘whispering’ to another girl). I learned why she hates red…she’s terrible at painting nails. She shmeared my toes like cream cheese on a bagel. Oh, the mess! I wanted to skip out on the manicure but went through it and no difference. The best part was the Bath & Body Works lotion placed on my fingers as cuticle softener during the hand soak. The nail file was old and falling apart and the technique, just as bad. Because she was already horrible at painting, after ‘cleaning’ my poor fingers looked like a hammer had hit them.

Remember all those burger ads with perfectly fluffy buns and crisp green lettuce… and then you look at what you actually bought?

Picture from Food Advertisement Vs. The Real Thing "Food Advertisement Vs. The Real Thing"

I’ll stick to doing my own nails from now on.

Does the craft not matter anymore? It seems like some nail salons and those that offer nail services are becoming like fast food places…the picture looks great but the end result makes you feel like you got cheated out of your money. “Where’s the beef?” Where’s the quality control? If I were a salon owner I’d perform monthly service checks on all the employees; hop in the chair myself and make sure clients are receiving the best service and that the quality of the work is there too.

This is my end result... $32 + 15% gratuity
I wasn't exaggerating...

Beauty regimens are such a personal practice…a bad haircut can change our confidence until it grows out (I know, I’ve been there) and a less than perfect nail service can make you feel like a two-year-old attacked your hands with nail polish. To all the nail techs out there….love and perfect your craft and think of your client as a friend. You wouldn’t let your friend go out with a bad manicure, would you?


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