Maybelline Stylish Smokes – Charcoal

Quad palettes are the best invention in the cosmetics industry! All the eyeshadows are harmoniously laid out and all you have to do is pop them on in the right order and TA-DAAA, you look like an instant pro.

This is my all-time favorite go-to palette for an evening look. This smokey combo goes with everything!

For about $6.99, this is a super steal!

Whether you’re learning how to do a smokey eye or a master at it, this is perfect for those unexpected evening events and you need to transform your look, quick! The colors in the picture look really vivid because of the lighting but are pretty much what you’re going to get to make a beautiful smokey eye.

This is what I do:

Eye primer is a MUST! It avoids creasing of the shadows and allows the shadows to last much longer.


Apply the lid color (a beautiful taupe-ish gray) with a shadow wand from the palette…


Use a fluffy brush (like a MAC 217) to apply the crease color. Use a windshield-wiping motion to spread the color and give it a smokey effect.


Use a stiff dome-shaped brush (like Smashbox #15) to apply the black shade (this one has little specs of glitter to add some sparkle) into the outer corners of your eye. The goal is to create a sideways ‘V’ shape. You can use this same brush to blend if the black is too harsh or grab the fluffy brush again.

Use the tip of the eyeshadow wand to line your eyes with this black shade too or use an angled brush or use your favorite eyeliner instead!


Last, highlight underneath your brows with this gorgeous shimmery silver using the tip of an eyeshadow wand. Add a little dot of this color in the inner corner of your eye to really bring in focus to your sultry eyes!

I get compliments every time I use this palette. It’s not overly pigmented but gives great color which is great because when I’m in a hurry I don’t have the patience or precision to sit their and overly work the color.


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