e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner – Plum Purple

This was my first e.l.f (eyes lips face) product. I came across the brand at Kmart and I truly couldn’t believe that all the products were well under $10 HUH???  Well, cheap price = cheap product right? I saw this beautiful purple liner and decided to be one of those customers that opens the packaging to try before she buys :/ Sorry Kmart!

lucky them that I loved the color and how smooth it went on, even with the brush it came with but I used my own to apply. Usually the brushes some cosmetics come with are made of cheap material which  won’t give you the best application despite how good the product is.
I rubbed it to see how smudge-proof it was and it didn’t budge. PERFECT! Not to mention the beautiful gradience it has AND it’s waterproof!

How much did it cost? $3 yup!… THREE DOLLARS! How awesome is that?!

I wore it to class on a day that I was in a huge rush with just mascara, a natural rose cheek and lipgloss. Purple eye makeup and brown eyes are a gorgeous match, by the way. Definitely want to try some other products by e.l.f. I’ve seen some of the blushes used by Samantha Schuerman on her YouTube channel -> http://www.youtube.com/user/samanthaschuerman (I love her pink hair!)

I saw lip glosses for $1, blushes for $5…if most all the products are this good, an on-a-budget girl can build a great base for her makeup collection.


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