Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue UV-Lotion

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue UV-Lotion

I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer without one key ingredient, alcohol. Why? not only does is dry your skin, which I dint’t pay attention to before but, my boyfriend has a close shaved beard. huh? Anytime after a kissing session, hugging or whatever brought his beard in contact with my face I would experience a stinging/burning sensation when putting on my Neutrogena SPF face lotion and whenever I’d get to close it would sting my eyes too. I don’t know how it hit me but I checked the ingredient label and there it was, ALCOHOL.

Before I was budget conscious, I used Origins White Tea Moisturizer ($39.50) and never felt that stinging or burning. so I guess it was a 2+2/aha moment. So I went on the hunt for a decent priced alcohol free moisturizer at CVS…FOUND IT! 🙂

For only $8 and a few cents (maybe even less, check your local stores), this product is oil-free, alcohol-free and has SPF 15 which is exactly what I needed because some I found had no SPF. It’s also perfect for my combination skin and for oily skin too because it’s water based. I didn’t realize my skin was so dehydrated until I used it; my pores drank it all up! My skin feels soft, perfectly balanced and I’ve experienced less oil build-up when I have makeup on. Huge thumbs up!

Some ingredients include:

Apple extract= antioxidant
Vitamin E=antioxidant that forms red blood cells (you need these to carry oxygen to the cells in your body; more cell production means less wrinkles)
Cyclopentasiloxane (I can’t pronounce this)= conditioner for the skin
Let me know what how it goes for you!


Vanidades Magia de la Moda 2011

I hadn’t even launched Makeupzilla and I was invited to take part of a behind the scenes experience of the 6th annual Magia de La Moda presented by Vanidades magazine and sponsored by Covergirl and Pantene. This event was part of the Fall 2011 Miami Funkshion Fashion Week. The night honored several hispanic talents who have opened the doors of opportunity like Isabel and Ruben toledo. They received a Lifetime Achievement Award prior to showcasing Isabel’s Spring 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Spring 2012?! That’s what I thought! I never knew the fashion world prepared so early, I mean, I’m still trying to catch up on this season! In case you didn’t know, Isabel Toledo designed Michelle Obama’s Inaugural dress. WOW!

I was so nervous but excited. So much fabulousness in one building! I recognized many latin celebrities I had seen in novelas (hispanic soap operas) and kept thinking “this is so cool!” The best part was heading up to the third floor to see the models get ready 🙂 no, wait! or was it watching the show front row?…it was all great! so a big thanks to Vanidades, Covergirl and Pantene!

Here are the pictures for a snippet of the night, see them all on my Facebook page.

once I went up the stairs, Pantene (hair) was on the left side of the building and Covergirl (makeup) was on the right. I stopped by Hair first, the girls were getting a sleek ponytail with long extensions and colored tips. Looks like they were using the Medium-Thick Hair Solutions line. I think I make stock up on a few!

On the makeup side, my favorite type of look for the warmer seasons, flawless, even skin with a glow, naturally tinted lips and flirty lashes. They used Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation and blushes, Clean Pressed Powder, Outlast Lipstain and Lash Blast fusion Mascara.

Celeb getting dolled up by Aileen Quintana

Not only was I surprised by the Spring 2012 preview, I was also surprised to find out that people actually win beauty sweepstakes!! Silly, I know! That’s Janytzabell on the right, the winner of the “My Covergirl” sweepstakes, all the way from Boston! She brought along her best friend (since 3rd grade) along for the show and yes, that’s me in the middle 🙂 She was given a 1 year supply of Covergirl cosmetics, lucky girl! When I met her she said “I feel like I’m on cloud nine!” She read about the contest through Covergirl’s Facebook and never imagined this! How exciting!

 I finally met the Webcity Girls Lynn, Linda and Mara! These ladies are a power house and the voice of social media for the hispanic community. The handsome guy in the picture is my friend Jose 😉

Woohoo! I got a gift bag! What’s inside?

oooohhh! I see freebies!

A copy of the current Vanidades magazine, the itinerary for the night, Terra Blues Potato Chips (very healthy), a weird bottle of water from New York called NY2O, haha that just sounds funny to me, and some fun products…

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara and Outlast Lipstain (used for the show) and travel size Pantene Medium-Thick shampo and conditioner. I ‘Like’!   ** I’ll review the products in a later post!

Let the show begin!

Host for the night, Lourdes Stephen awarding Jacqueline Blanco and Mari Ichaso, editors of Vanidades

And here she is, Isabel Toledo after the show

OH NO! Not Another Makeup Blog

If you’ve read the ‘About Me’ section you’ll know where this stems from. I just love makeup! Rubbing different shades of shadows and glosses on the back of my hand like a painter on his palette, running to the CVS down the block to grab the new mascara advertised on TV; it’s an obsession really. Aside from my love of makeup I’m a college student and I know all too well how it is to be on a budget.  So I visit chain stores (frequently) and try to look the other way when I walk by the makeup counters at the mall; you’d be surprised to find that a lot of the chain store brands are the same quality if not better! You don’t have to spend a bajillion $$$’s to have great makeup quality and runway looks!

What can I find on Makeupzilla?

  • My favorite chain store products (CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart) and the so-not-worth-your-time one’s= Save you $$$
  • Proper skin care, because even if you don’t wear makeup up you should still have beautiful skin.
  • Makeup 101 -> how to use it, why to use it, who should use it -> tutorials
  • Behind the scenes of my makeup adventures


Commercial for Dermakine skin products

This shoot was so much fun! My good friend and film director, Valeria Nova, asked me to take part of this commercial for Dermakine skincare products (I’ve never used the products, by the way). The commercial took a full nine hours to shoot, four outfit changes and four different makeup and hair looks.

The concept was to show the beauty of natural bare skin once all of the days makeup is off.

Look #1: Glam Goddess

Hair: I went for soft loose curls achieved with a 1″ flat iron. I teased the top of her crown for some volume and finished the look with some hairspray.

Makeup: I used nudes and light browns for the eyes, rosy pink cheeks, and shimmery nude lips. I sculpted her cheek bones and nose with a matte bronzer.

Look #2: Model Diva

Hair: Sectioned the hair in half, took a ‘mohawk’ section and teased it a bit more and pinned it in place then smoothed the sides to meet in the middle. This made it look like it all came together at once. Loose curls were touched up and topped off the look with a fun flowered head piece.

Makeup: To match the beautiful purples of the dress, I chose to use different shades to create this girly look. My favorite Maybelline shadow, Eggplant was the star in this. I tied it all in with a dark purple liner and black mascara, girly pink lips and cheeks.

Look #3: Red Carpet

Hair: Using the already half up look, the bangs were combed back and used hairspray to keep them in place. The bottom half was brought up to create a a loose bun, pinned into place.

Makeup: Using deeper purples and some black liner, we now had a beautiful purple smokey eye. Still pink but more nude-ish lips and a more sculpted cheek.

This was a first for me, having to work with what I had as opposed to taking off all the makeup and starting over because of the time constraints and small team. But it all worked out beautifully!

Director: Valeria Nova     Model: Victoria Kulik      DP: Hugo Osorio     Lighting: Andres Uribe